Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques

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Well, you are here to know about Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques. So here I am going to introduce you some unique techniques that are still not discovered yet. So you should have trust in me and I am going to show traditional archery shooting techniques.

It is difficult to sight for aiming with the bow – recurve or longbow in true traditional archery. But still, an archer wants to hit perfectly to his/her aiming at. So how they do that, what are the main Techniques?
Three main basics for Archery.

Before knowing the Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques you should know about the main basis of archery. Archery has the number of variants but they all are depending on the same principles. Shooting techniques that depend on its principle or basics are as follow:

  1. Take up the same stance is the most important point.
  2. Draw is the important basic. That must be always remaining same. Here attention must be paid to the bow arm, the anchor and the back tension.
  3. Keep your hand always easy to move back in line with flight of the arrow.

Shooting technique

Shooting techniques depend on two main things-

  1. Position
  2. Aim

So many areas can be distinguished when we will examine traditional archery. Techniques will work when you taking up your position right to the end of the follow-through. You know very well that you will succeed when you and your direction of shot remain the same.

Another important issue is your aim. Without the correct determination of the shooting angle, techniques won’t work here. So techniques that you will use depends on, how you position your bow hand at the correct angle.

Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques

Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques has seven different steps:

Step 1: The stance
Step 2: Posture
Step 3: Bow arm and drawing arm
Step 4: The draw
Step 5: Anchor and reference points
Step 6: Release
Step 7: Follow-through

After at a glance of seven different steps it’s time to discuss elaborately-

Step 1: The stance

The stance is the first essential thing for shooting. If your stance isn’t stabled during shooting time you will not able to shoot better. So it is important to stable you stance during shooting time then your shoot will be much better. If you feel nervous then surely you will not able to shoot perfectly. Many archers pay little attention to this element.

Checking your Stance

In the event that you embrace a position purposely, it clearly additionally ends up conceivable to check it. You would already be able to do this when you practice or prepare. At that point, you won’t overlook this progression in the field either.

Parallel stance.

Checking your position before the shot: the bow is agreed with the tips of the feet. On the off chance that it focuses precisely on the objective, you are standing parallel.

Possible errors

An off-base position would already be able to be the reason for a poor shot or even a miss. From one viewpoint, it might be that you are permitting too brief period – particularly in the field – to accept the ideal position; on the other, you may have chosen an erroneous position you didn’t really expect.

Step 2: Posture

The accuracy of your shooting depends on your posture essentially. Different postures are possible for longbows and recurves.

Posture with the longbow

Posture position is very important for longbow as often held for it has an angel. You have to balance your upper body, shoulder, and knee. Your shoulder and arrow’s distance will increase when you bent forward your upper body. For that, it will effect on your string and that is why string does not hit the forearm of the bow hand after the release. And you know very well that your upper body is parallel with your leg.

Posture with the recurve bow

when you are using a recurve bow with a large sight window you should keep your posture straight. You can also apply “T” configuration formed by the shoulder and upper body.

Step 3: Bow arm and drawing arm

The bow hand:

For shooting, you should have control with your hands. We usually bent our back side of hand when we shooting with the recurve, longbow and self-bow. Otherwise, arm pointing towards the target and the direct distance will be greater.

The bow fingers:

If you want to succeed to point your bow exactly in the shooting direction do not hold your bow close tightly. It is our suggestion to use your fingers very loosely on the grip.

The bow arm elbow:

Keep your elbow straight during shooting and also ensure that your draw always remains the same.

Step 4: The draw

It is important to harmonize your posture, bow, and drawing arm.

The method with the arm in full draw position: If you want to shoot accurately you have to set your bow in the shooting position and before proceeding to the full draw you must precede predraw.
Shoulder and drawing arm in the full draw: For accurate shooting, you have to slightly raise your shoulder at full draw. It helps to put the drawing arm slightly higher than the bow arm too.

Step 5: Anchor point

Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques most important part is Anchor point. Because of choice of anchor point which is touched by the drawing hand when the arrow is released. It is better to smaller the angle between the line of sight and the arrow. And it is important that the string should be as close to the eye as possible.

Reference points: there has two types of Reference points (1) reference point (R1) and (2) second reference point (R2). The reference point (R1) is that where the finger touches the corner of the mouth. Neat anchor point; the jawbone comes to mind is called second reference point (R2).

Step 6: Release

Another Important step for perfect archery shooting is releasing. Releasing your arrow is not actually an active but a passive act. Just keep you unmoved and bent your fingers and after that let your fingers go. Than it is enough. If you have so much tension it will go in the wrong direction. So releasing just depends on cool you are during that time.

Step 7: Follow-through

You’re all shooting process is not finished after releasing the arrow. You have to follow that you are accurately touched your point or not. This is important because when you are shooting instinctively you must have to observe the flight of the arrow.

Now, this is the end of Traditional Archery Shooting Techniques. Through this article, we are just trying to give you a complete idea of techniques.

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