How to Shoot a Compound Bow Accurately

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Are you a hunter? Well, the answer can be yes. But still, there is something that you are missing to shoot in an accurate point? Here we will discuss  How to shoot a compound bow accurately.

So here is something enchanting that will surely make you susceptible to understand the value of techniques of shooting a compound bow accurately.

In terms of bows, it costs money which comes with the hefty price tag for each at least $100. Leaving it at home for lack of knowledge on the shooting is really terrific as that is a loss of the money you invested.

Success relies on the form

The single most fundamental thing to remember when it is the matter of compound bow shooting technique is form. What if form works miraculously well while working or spending less time on the matter? Surprised? Please don’t be. Let us know the well-established form that is popular in the archery market.

  • archer’s feet should be shoulder width away from each other
  • toes should be straight perpendicular to the target
  • the distance between the feet may be open out wider apart or closer together depending on what is more suitable for the shooter

Keep in mind that flawless form yields perfect shoot every time. In the case of foot placement, the opinion differs according to the surrounding elements and situation. Western hunters and those who prefer still-hunting are used to take the variety of foot position including shooting from a kneeling position. On the contrary, the Eastern or Midwestern whitetail hunters have limited footing position because of small tree stand platforms.

Hand and elbow placement for accuracy

Hand and elbow arrangement plays an important role on the archery shooting success. Be conscious about the issue of techniques as different archery shooting techniques can make or break your shot. A non-dominant hand can have a great role as it has a tremendous influence on the accuracy of the shot. There are several issues that can be caused by this point of contact which involve torque. It is responsible for less accuracy. So the issue is now which you need to understand that is how the torque is producing and how to stop it. Well, to understand it vividly you need to observe all the faults that involve torque. So let us discuss and stop your worry.

The best way to eradicate torque caused by the non-dominant hand is to make as little contact with the bow as possible. The bows pressure will be controlled by your hand where the thumb meets the center of your palm, uninfluenced by any other point on the hand. This part of your hand with less mobility offers the least interference with the natural firing sequence of the bow. If you have the tendency of holding the bow randomly then leave it today to get magical influence on your success. Be careful about finger placing and your tensed muscles as these may work negatively while shooting.

Let us consider the elbow positioning to shoot accurately every time. The elbow on your non-dominant side should be stiff and slightly bent to keep away from interference with the string. Dominant side elbow should be placed in such a way that your forearm as directly parallel with the arrow which can minimize torque.

Hopefully, you have a solid understanding of the correct way to shoot a compound bow. As it is a machine so it will deliver fire exactly, in the same way, every single time. So it’s you who is responsible for your luck. Follow techniques and enjoy your shooting.

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