Block GenZ Youth Archery Target : Read Before You Buy

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Archery is a unique recreational activity that develops self-confidence and discipline. It is ideal for kids as it grows patience, concentration and a high sense of self-control. The Block GenZ Youth Archery Target is really an amazing archery target that will take youth’s practicing a step forward. It will help to practice with their accurate shot. This target is very handy, that’s why can easily be carried. It should be used with draw weights of 40 pounds or less.

The black target has different sized aiming points that is very helpful for kids to progress in skill. A newbie shooter can progress from the larger aiming dots to the smaller ones. Regardless of what types of arrow tips the shooter is using, it can easily be removed from the open layer design surface. This Block Gen Z Youth Archery Target review will help you to know every pros and con about it so that you can make your decision confidently.

Most important features of Block Gen Z Youth Archery Target:

  • Reliable, long lasting and lightweight youth Archery target.
  • Open  layered design allows effortless arrow removal.
  • Amazing contrast of white on black aiming points of various sizes.
  • It can be used with bows of 40 pounds or less.
  • Measurement is 18”*16”*8”.
  • Includes handle for easy transportation.
  • Can be used with field tips, broadheads or arrowheads.
  • Country of origin:USA.

Advantages of Block GenZ  Youth Archery Target:


The main concern of any archer is for how long their Archery Target will perform excellently. Usually, cheap Archery Targets becomes useless after a few hundreds of arrows, particularly if the broadheads are used. Here lies the specialty of Block GenZ series Youth Archery Target that will hold up for many hundred arrows, though not using broadheads are the safest option.

Block GenZ Youth Archery Target

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The weight of the target is one of the important factors. If you bow an arrow within 40 pounds, it will not go through the whole target.

Arrow stopping

The perfection of any Archery Target lies greatly in the fact that, how well it can stop arrows. Block GenZ series Youth Archery Target handles it very well. Here, most of the time arrows get stopped only after a few inches.

Arrow extraction

If you own a Block Archery Target, you won’t need an arrow puller or a lot of force to pull out the arrow. This great Archery Target made this arrow removal easier and comfortable. Because of using open layered techniques this target can stop and remove the arrow easily.

Can handle broadhead arrows

This Archery Target can handle broadheads comfortably. Though broadheads reduce the life of archery target more or less, it performs better than any other targets because of it’s many layers. Block GenZ Youth Archery Target is very comfortable to handle broadhead arrows.

Block GenZ Youth Archery Target

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Can access a stronger target

Weak bows often cannot access a stronger target. With this target, you won’t face such types of issues, because even slow flying arrows from a weak bow will pass through between the two layers and remain in the target. It doesn’t bounce off the target.

Pros & Cons of Block GenZ Youth Archery Target



  • Layered foam for long lasting structure.
  • Easy arrow extraction.
  • Lightweight and handy look for easy transportation.
  • Excellently stops both mechanical and fixedbroad heads.
  • Sizeable to ensure more enjoyable shooting.



  • Only the front and back side can be shot.

Things to consider before buying a Youth Archery Target

There are a good variety of Youth Archery Targets are Available in the market, therefore it is difficult to choose the best one. There are certain things that should be considered while buying a youth Archery Target. If you go through this article, you will be able to choose the best one confidently as per your needs.


The first thing that should consider while buying an archery target is it’s material. You would want to have an archery target for your kid that is durable enough. That Block GenZ Youth Archery Targets are made of foam material, that’s why they are pretty strong and durable enough.

Easy arrow extraction

Before choosing an Archery target for younger archers, you must make sure that the target is arrow friendly. That means while removing an arrow from the accessed target, it should come out effortlessly.

Suitable for your bow and arrows

Before purchasing an archery target, you must check and make sure that the target you have selected is perfectly suitable for your bow and arrows. Because all Targets are not the same. Some are great for crossbow use, and some can handle broadheads greatly.

Target size

When you are choosing a youth archery target, the size is the very important factor. For the younger ones, the target should be heavy and less dense so that the arrow penetration and extraction becomes easier. The ideal size for youth archery target is 3 inches by 3 inches.


Price is an important factor while purchasing anything. An archery target is no different. You will be able to get the best target for your budget if you research a little.

The Block GenZ Youth Archery Targets can be your perfect choice as they meet all the above-mentioned factors very nicely.

Frequently asked questions:

1.Will Block GenZ Youth Archery Target work with safety arrows?

Ans: The target pieces are straight, that’s why arrows slide in, but they are tight enough to resist.If the tips are wedge-like, they would work.

2.What is the size of the target?

Ans: 16*17*7.5 inches is the listed size that is pretty decent and great for practicing.

3.Would this work for throwing knives?

Ans: Yes, it would work. But it would reduce the life of the target.

4. What are the dimensions of the target?

Ans: 22”*20”*8”.

5. What is the weight of the target?

Ans: It is about 5lbs, very light and made of lightweight bows.

Final words

If you are looking for a youth archery target that will provide the best possible services at a very reasonable price, theBlockGenZ Youth Archery Targets will be the perfect option for you. For easy penetrating and easy arrow removal, I strongly suggest you have one of these. These are a perfect combination of affordability and quality. I hope after reading this Block GenZ Youth Archery Target review you are no longer confused about choosing an archery target for your kids.

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