Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Review: An Epic of A Product

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Are you interested in archery or preparing for hunting? Are you finding a crossbow? Do you want a super crossbow which your dream?  If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. Let’s start a dreaming journey with an awesome crossbow. This is the  Barnett  Jackal  Crossbow  Package. We just try to write about our experience. The  Jackal crossbow is a super archery which you are looking for. The Jackal’s stock design of crossbow line up is unique. It becomes a devastating weapon for a hunter for the weight and power. Though the Jackal produces a power and features like a high priced bow. The price of the crossbow is affordable. We can very well understand that the Barnett  Jackal  Crossbow  Package review will be helpful for those who carefully read through the article.

Features of the Barnett Jackle Crossbow Package

In the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package review firstly we have to start with the feature. The feature of  the crossbow is below:


The Jackal Crossbow has 3 arrows which are a simple but very important part of it. Nothing will possible without the arrows. The length of the arrows is 20 inches. The arrows have attachable field points. They are sustainable and no possibility to break down after hundreds of thread from 20  yards range.

Kinetic  Power

150 pounds draw weight has shown its power. The speed of the arrows depends on the power. The energy of the crossbow is a 95-foot-pound and power stock is 12 inches. The shooting speed is 315 per second with 150 draw weight. There are high energy wheels which help to make the power high.84 ft-lbs kinetic energy with included arrows at the point blank range.

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One of our members took down a bird with no trouble from a 30 yards distance. Hopefully, it could be done from 50 yards distance and this is the accuracy of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package. Considering the price the crossbow is much more accurate than our expectation.

Red Dot Sight

When we make aim with a gun or a normal crossbow then we have to close an eye. But in the  Jackle two eyes are open while aiming. Then it’s easy to make the target for acquisition and aware of surroundings, distance and speed. Red dot sight helps to happen this kind of functions.

Easy to Assemble

The assembled system of the crossbow is very plain and simple. It takes just 15 minutes for a beginner. Instructions  follow:

  • Attach quiver mount with the stock.
  • Attach cocking stirrup with the riser.
  • Secure the riser with the stock.
  • Attach going up the 3-red dot scope.

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There are different kinds of weight exist in the Barnett  Jackal Crossbow Package. Such as weight 7.7 pounds, Draw weight 150 pounds and shipping weight 12 pounds. The power of a crossbow depends on draw weight. If the draw weight is higher than the shooting speed is higher. The Jackle shoots with at 315 per second with 150-pound draw weight.


This is an article of Barnett  Jackal  Crossbow Package review. So, we should talk about the full package of the Jackle. The package includes with:

  • Jackal Crossbow
  • 20 inches  3 arrows with field points.
  • 28 mm single red dot scope
  • Assemble hardware
  • String wax
  • Hex  keys
  • User manual and 5 years warranty card.


We can tell the performance of the Jackle in a word that really awesome. The kinetic energy, the draw weight, the trigger pull, the high energy wheel and synthetic cable system makes the crossbow super, dashing and mind-blowing. Someone who uses this he is feeling that he riding a horse not drive an archery.


    • Product Dimensions : 33 x 13 x 7 inches ; 0.8 ounces
    • Brand name : Barnett
    • Model number : 78404
    • Weight (Shipping) : 12 pounds
    • Draw weight : 150 pounds
    • Weight : 7.7 pounds
    • Velocity : 315 feet per second
    • Energy : 95 foot pounds
    • Power stroke : 12 inches
    • Arrows : 3 (20 inchs length)
    • Trigger pull :3.5 Smooth 3.5 lb
    • Shooting speed : 315 lbs per second with draw weight of 150 lbs
    • Length : 32.5 “
    • Width : 26.5 “
    • Customer Review : 4.5

Making Story

We should give special thanks to the manufacturer Barnett to make an archery like this. Barnett is making the quality product of crossbow and number company of the world. They are trying to fulfill the demand of the customers and give them a tremendous Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package.

Pros & Cons of the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package



  • Price is affordable.
  • Helpful for beginners and intermediates
  • Looking great design
  • Enough kinetic energy
  • Prevents dry firing
  • Very comfortable to use
  • It’s born with warranty so everybody can get the support
  • Excellent performance, accuracy, and faster speed.



  • Package doesn’t  include a cocking device
  • Noisy


This is a wonderful crossbow no doubt. From the  Barnett  Jackal  Crossbow Package review, we know the details of the product. This is the lowest budget crossbow you can buy. It’s helpful for not beginners but also experts. Easy and simple assembly system makes the user fun. Everyone looking for accuracy, power and affordable price. The Jackle is the right product for them. We could conclude that this is a product of excellence which you can buy to close your eyes.

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